The SoGlob Team

SoGlob Team

Meet the SoGlob Management

Our core values guided us to always deliver exceptional results to our clients and community. We're a sincere societe with a straightforward vision, hard at work helping software and SaaS companies get the most out of their businesses.

We've had an amazing journey coming to where we are today and now feel confident that we can provide you professional and effective solutions to cover all your business needs, so that your only concern is to grow.

That being said, we present you the faces and places that make SoGlob tick.

A Nydegger

President & CEO


P. Bucaille

Directeur Développement International

A Nydegger est un cadre expérimenté dans le domaine de l'entreprise, qui a fait ses preuves dans la création d'organisations très performantes et dans la mise sur le marché de produits et de services de classe mondiale. Avant de rejoindre SoGlob en 2005, Andre a occupé des postes des plus grandes sociétés indépendantes sur le marché de la gestion . Dirigeant plus de la moitié de la société, Andre était responsable de tous les produits et services- y compris le lancement des toutes premières solutions de gestion.
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SVP, Worldwide Sales

Avec plus de 30 ans d'expérience en gestion des entreprises technologiques allant des moyenne aux grandes entreprises, Toto-Titi a dirigé des organisations de vente et de marketing dans le monde entier - en Afrique, en Europe, en Amérique et en Asie.


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Heads of Regional Offices


VP, North America Sales

Thomas shung 20+ years of Sales and Sales Management experience and proven ability to lead high performing sales teams in a variety of industries. Prior to joining SoGlob, he spent over 6 years in the industry, most recently with Europe's largest card acquirer WorldPay, building the European Sales team for eCommerce.

He has also worked as an independent advisor on Business Development and Sales for a number of years and prior to that was at MasterCard, where he drove complex projects such as SEPA compliance for one of the financial services corporation's major European clients. Thomas was also a part of the sales organization of Gartner, the world's largest information technology research and advisory societe.

Aroline Kayne is a senior eCommerce sales consultant with extensive technology and business knowledge.

Kayne brings many years of experience in the software industry. His background in eCommerce for medium/high and enterprise software businesses makes his consulting contributions invaluable to our clients.

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