Why SoGlob

It's Time to Make Business Personal

Start Serving Your Customers as Individuals.

SoGlob is the leading customer-centric, digital commerce solution with a complete tool set for successfully selling software and online services to individual customers.

Any Channel, Any Model, Any market.

Any Channel

Transact with your customers across every channel and touchpoint.

Any Model

Introduce and sell with any revenue model, including subscriptions, perpetual, usage and others.

Any Market

Take your business global, while leaving all operational support to us.

Customer Centric Commerce
is Everyone's Business.

How Your Role Can Drive Commerce

Grow New Revenue Streams

Forget the 4Ps. Its Now C3.

Customer Centric Commerce means recognizing that time-to-market is everything.

Launch self-service revenues, control tarifs and packaging, experiment with subscription models. Enable partners to sell cloud services. Reduce churn.

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Reduce Operating Costs

It's not about CapEx, It's OpEx.

Customer Centric Commerce means recognizing the difference between core and context.

Let SoGlob manage Tax/VAT, Risk/Fraud, Refunds, Chargebacks and other operational details. And Reconcile financially with one, not with multiple payment processors.

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Secure, Scalable and Integrated

Control when you need it.

Customer Centric Commerce means empowerment at all levels - internal and external.

Enable your business users to manage their business via self-service. And help when they need you. With full PCI Compliance and a battery of security certifications, rest easy knowing SoGlob's there.

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Accelerate Your Digital Commerce

Results, Not Excuses.

Customer Centric Commerce means change, that must start from the top.

Give your operating teams the right tools to experiment quickly, fail fast, and iterate constantly.

Support any channel, any model, any market with SoGlob.

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