SoGlob Commerce Cloud

Cloud Platform and Technology Infrastructure

SoGlob's technology features a rich set of built-in capabilities to give you the power and flexibility to run and evolve your business.

Global Commerce Platform for Secure Online Commerce

Modular. Flexible. Secure.

Easy Setup.
Advanced Integration.

SoGlob's setup is template driven, and includes common pre-defined ecommerce configurations. It's designed to get you up and running quickly, without any of the usual problems that get in the way of integration. And for advanced integration, you can rely on SoGlob's expertise to help you embed commerce into your custom apps, as well as your CRM, web analytics, DRM, ERP and more.

Powerful Protection from Risk and Fraud

SoGlob locks in security with a powerful combination of a proprietary heuristic scanning process and careful human review - ensuring a quick response to any issues detected. Ongoing, always-on monitoring systems constantly audit the cloud infrastructure, creating a stable platform and ensuring proactive detection of any possible threats.

Reliable Support

SoGlob's technology and platform are backed by a support team and structure with a legendary reputation for account service excellence. SoGlob's commitment starts with the assignment of a client success manger and extends - with the assistance of integration and ecommerce experts and the quarterly business review process - into every aspect of your program. Live phone, web and email support provide technical help when you need it. And available Support-Clients - customizable to your brand and strategy - enables you to offer your customers self and assisted service, around the clock and globe.

Built to be Modular and Flexible

Leverage the platform that bends and moves with your business. Pick and choose from SoGlob's well-defined set of modules and services to get what you need now, and easily add and extend with your growth later. Support for multiple revenue models across online and offline channels help you to centralize and simplify your business rules. And a single point of access and control gives you the agility to centrally manage key data, rules and polices.

Secure Cloud Platform for Commerce

SoGlob Commerce Cloud Combines Security, Flexibility and Reliability for Running a Global Commerce Operation

With its robust combination of reliability and flexibility, the SoGlob Commerce Cloud is already trusted by thousands of global companies to regularly handle millions of secure worldwide transactions. Its scalability and easy integration with existing systems provides the perfect safe and reliable platform and environment to conduct commerce, worldwide.

Reliable Global Commerce

SoGlob makes it possible for your customers to transact anywhere, at any time - at blazing fast speeds - with high-performing systems that scale with your business. Use the SoGlob Commerce Cloud to expand globally - and increase response times - by leveraging local data centers and content delivery networks. Deploy application acceleration mechanisms to support speedy database queries and page loads. And do it all secure in the knowledge that SoGlob's comprehensive disaster recovery and fail over plan guarantee an average 99.98%+ uptime.

Scales and Integrates with Your Business

Get scalability and integrated commerce functionality in one single package - with no additional capital investment. SoGlob works alongside - and not against - your existing business tools, so you don't have to worry about stressing or breaking existing infrastructure. Use SoGlob's global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to provide your customers with rapid access to content. And join the more than 3,000 companies that already use SoGlob's servers to process hundreds of millions of US dollars worth of transactions.

SoGlob Nexus

API 2.0 and Connectors

SoGlob Nexus makes it easy for you to embed commerce into every customer touchpoint. By combining robust APIs with flexible connectors to various enterprise functions, SoGlob Nexus provides a seamless integration layer for rapidly implementing international commerce anywhere.

Integrate Any Channel, Extend Your Brand with Ease

Combine and configure every aspect of ordering, subscriptions, customer management, licensing and products. And support in-app purchases, automate invoice delivery, or trigger specific subscription events - all with SoGlob API.

Integrate Any Model, Transition to Automated Revenue Streams

Use SoGlob API to create and control commerce services, and support single-click purchases, renewals, and upgrades. Or build your own single sign-on solutions or device and platform agnostic app stores.

CRM Connectors

Build better customer relationships. Get complete visibility into customer data in context. Extract data automatically, with SoGlob connectors to popular CRM systems, such as

Fully Brand the Customer Buying Process

Put the focus on your brand. Use SoGlob API to completely brand the end-customer's buying experience. Branding through Nexus is an easy way to launch international commerce while leveraging your brand for maximum trust.

Empower Your Developers

Extensive testing and debugging capabilities make it easy for your developers to quickly become proficient with SoGlob APIs. With SoGlob, developers can use SOAP functions to test orders and get deep visibility into usage logs through the API.

Single Payment Gateway For Global Business

Leverage SoGlob API to accept major payment methods and multiple currencies in over 100+ countries. Gain instant PCI compliance and store credit card info securely. And take advantage of Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and License Change Notification (LCN) APIs to scale business operations at a lower cost and risk.

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