SoGlob Subscription Billing

Subscription Billing

Build Long Term Recurring Revenue by Strengthening Customer Relationships

Use the rich tool set provided by SoGlob Subscription Billing to forge closer relationships with your customers. Introduce new and emerging business models to keep up with customer demands, and ahead of the competition. Enhance the buying experience with optimization and advanced APIs. Simplify customer invoices with the powerful billing and rating engine. Reward and incentivize loyalty with discounts and upgrades. And improve customer satisfaction with advanced self- and assisted-service capabilities.

Retain and Service Customers

Deliver the Optimal Mix of Self-Service and Assisted Support

Centralize customer management, including support for role-based access control. Access customer and subscription data from a single interface. Manage subscriptions and gain at-a-glance insight into customer and subscription value, stats, details and history. Enable CSRs and support to update subscription info, issue refunds and track history across multiple activities within the platform. Give customers self-service control over their profile, subscriptions and billing, and extend management capabilities to every touchpoint via API.

An intuitive, on-demand self-service interface empowers customers to support and service themselves

Powerful, account management tools enable CSRs by giving them a single page, 360 degree view of customers' subscriptions, entitlements, updates, renewals and other activities.

Advanced CRM features - campaign and lead management; customized email templates and tracking - help to reduce churn and increase retention.

Assisted support via phone and live web chat help customers with more complex issues or transactions, such as contract amendments, prorations, co-terminations, trial extensions, billing discounts for a fixed-time period, credit card updates, etc.

Global Support-Clients

Speak in 9 local languages. Offer your end-customers and globerss phone support in 9 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Chinese) and additional email support beyond English (French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand).

Faster Response to Support Queries. Offer your customers dedicated call center SLA's, 50% shorter email response time than standard edition, and toll-free telephone Support-Clients available for US / local US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Romania.

Design your Customer Service Experiences. Set branded call center scripts, email and other customer facing templates, as well as customized fraud and follow-up processes. Create branded globers portals from custom domains to personalize look and feel.

Self-Service Customer Portal. Offer your customers a full featured globers portal with advanced customer management capabilities, including renewals.

Rate Plans

Launch Subscription Commerce

Gain flexibility and a serious competitive edge with SoGlob's advanced rate plans. Quickly set up and configure your billing plans to match your business model. Or offer any tarifs combination - one-time, recurring and usage-based - on the the fly. You can also adapt tarifs, invoicing, discounts and licensing to meet local customer needs, globally. And simplify customer invoicing so that usage fees are folded into renewal costs and multiple subscriptions are consolidated into a single payment period.

Subscription Lifecycle

Seamless Management for Increased Retention & Efficiency

SoGlob's powerful billing rating engine automatically calculates prorated charges and synchronizes with billing.

Automatically align billing charges of subscriptions with different expiration/renewal dates.

Manage upgrades seamlessly, across touchpoints and channels.

Reduce churn by giving customers multiple ways to renew - automatically, via self-service, directly or through channels.

SoGlob gives you visibility and control over every stage the customer lifecycle. Use the powerful tools at your disposal to convert serial trial triers in to paying customers and steer basic users toward more advanced services. Schedule auto generated notices to automate renewals and dunning. Enable single-click in app purchases for renewals and upgrades. Give CSRs the ability to reward loyalty with discounts and special upgrade offers. Charge customers for only the services used. And simplify the synchronization of recurring for customers with multiple subscriptions.

Renewals and Upgrades

Accelerate the Evolution Towards More Advanced Services


Lock in long-term recurring revenue by simplifying renewals for customers. SoGlob provides multiple direct and indirect avenues for customers to renew. Automate renewals at setup or through auto notices. Configure renewal tarifs, and extend promotions and discounts. And enable customers to renew directly, with full partner attribution, or through any channel or touchpoint.


SoGlob's seamless management makes it easy to upgrade your customers to more advanced services. Automatically prorate or align charges midstream with SoGlob's advanced billing and rating engine. Activate self-service sales through in app upgrades or through the MyAccount customer portal. And enable CSRs to extend discounts and upsell new products or offer trials over the phone or online.

Reporting and Analytics

Accelerate Customer Insight

Understand Big-Picture Customer Value to the Business at a Glance.

Manage your subscription business with out-of-the-box reporting for monthly recurring revenue, renewals and expirations, renewal forecast, trial conversion rate and cohort. Get instant access to audit logs and the most important metrics - active customers and subscriptions, trials and cancellations. Use the custom engine to construct and schedule micro and/or macro level reporting for every aspect of your business, customers and market.

Gain Actionable Insights Into Revenue Growth and Trends by Region and Product Lines.

SoGlob's analytics give you the data and tools needed to manage your subscription business and grow and forecast revenue more effectively and efficiently. Detect and track customer trends and valuate subscriptions over time. Compare attrition rates and analyze churn. And quickly gain insight into the actions required to increase engagement and renewals.

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