SoGlob Marketing & Merchant Services

Marketing Services

Increase Your Commerce Velocity

Integrate your marketing and eCommerce with SoGlob. Take advantage of SoGlob's deep platform knowledge and online multi-channel marketing expertise to drive more revenue through your eCommerce instance. SoGlob's full service online marketing capability includes everything from the development of your overall online marketing strategy to managed affiliate services, and everything in between - including end-to-end email campaign management, SEO, SEM and cart conversion rate optimization.

Conversion Rate

Increase Close Rates, AOV and Revenue

Leverage SoGlob's depth of global commerce experience and data collected across thousands of buying sites. Services include analytics tracking setup and ongoing maintenance, testing and optimization - giving you both insight into customer on-page and in-cart behavior/preferences and direction for how to integrate the findings into your strategy.


Maximize Search Yields

SoGlob's success with SEO is rooted in a structured approach that leverages social media and your intellectual assets to increase rankings, longterm positioning and revenues. Services include SEO website and in-depth keyword analyses, on-page optimization, enterprise visibility and off-page optimization.


Lower Acquisition Costs

Be assured that your search marketing campaigns are as efficient and effective as they can be. SoGlob's SEM services are lead by an expert team that uses the latest PPC tools, methods and strategies. Services include current program analysis, an advanced autobid recommendation engine, pulse KPI dashboard, optimization for the highest ROAS - and lowest CPAs - and report rich analytics.

Email Marketing

End-to-End Campaign Creation, Management and Optimization

Lean on SoGlob to help drive and nurture leads through integrated email marketing. SoGlob's email programs feature creative design and content that harness the interactivity of the web for maximum effect. And strategy and execution that maximizes your budget and the capabilities of the SoGlob platform. Services include everything from campaign strategy and creative development to media planning and list management.

Merchant Services

Scale Operations and Reduce Risk

Offload the heavy lifting of your payment and financial transactions to SoGlob Merchant Services. We'll take care of the back-office operations - reconciliation, refunds, chargebacks, tax/VAT handling, fraud and risk management, invoicing and more - so you can concentrate on more essential tasks like developing new products and business.

Reduce Risk and Fraud

SoGlob deploys a proprietary process - combining heuristic scanning and human review - to ensure the security of every Internet transaction. A PCI Level 1 Certification - the highest possible - means you can safely store customer credit card info without hassle or risk. And additional services, such as Managed Risk, ensure tight legal controls for denied parties compliance checks.

Handle and Reduce Refunds and Chargebacks

SoGlob offers comprehensive refund and chargeback services. SoGlob helps you reduce chargebacks - and protects your good standing with the credit card companies - by aggressively fighting each claim, and through strategies that stress prevention. For approved returns, SoGlob handles everything from the disbursement of re to the updating of sales records.

Merchant Accounts

SoGlob maintains merchant accounts in all of the countries it supports - giving you the ability to act locally in over 100+ global markets, without the expense or trouble of maintaining a physical address.

Automate Back-Office Operations

SoGlob Back-Office services automate all of the back-office financial and support operations - saving you time and money. Automate or offload chargebacks, refunds, affiliate payment handling and financial reconciliation. And elevate your Support-Clients with 24/7 phone and web coverage.

Managed Affiliate Services

Grow and Strengthen Your Affiliate Networks

Turn to SoGlob's expert affiliate program managers to proactively run your affiliate program. SoGlob offers three levels of service to help all types and sizes of companies leverage the SoGlob (and others) affiliate network for maximum return. Get set up right by leveraging best practices for products, commissions, discounts, renewals treatment, content creation and affiliate migration. Recruit the best Globers to your network through expertly managed outreach campaigns and featured promotions in SoGlob publications and web properties. And reap the rewards of having SoGlob manage the day-to-day operations of your affiliate program, including overseeing approvals, communications and affiliate support, as well as ongoing program monitoring and optimization.

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