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Faites connaissance avec de nouveaux clients dans le monde entier grâce à nos Globers du monde entier. Qu'il s'agisse d'éditeurs de contenu technologique, d'agrégateurs d'offres, de recherche payante ou d'autres services en ligne, vos produits et services bénéficieront d'une plus grande visibilité grâce à ce canal mondial ainsi que d'une portée ciblée sur des marchés spécifiques.


Easy to Set Up and Start Selling

Get Everything Up and Running Within Minutes - Globers Included!

Set Up Your Products to Be Available in the SoGlob Globers Network

Quickly set up and control all aspects of your affiliate network and selling program, from approval policy and available products to cookie life and the individual payout per product both for the initial sale and subscription renewals. Also easily manage discount levels, affiliate welcome and rejection messages and performance tiers.

SoGlob also makes it easy to get started with affiliate recruitment. Sign up with SoGlob's Power Globers to leverage a wide range of the network's most popular partners - and enjoy almost immediate flow of traffic to your products.

Performance Marketing Oriented Platform

See Results with Performance-Based Incentives

SoGlob Affiliate Network

SoGlob Affiliate Network has at its core the pay-per-action business model for retribution with dedicated subscription features. Set a payout for your affiliate partners on a revenue share basis and reward them for subscription renewals.

SoGlob makes it easy to increase the competitiveness of your affiliate program through performance tiers. Just use the automatic bonus feature to credit Globers that achieve outstanding results.

Automatic Integration with Any eCommerce Platform

Get Rid of the Day-to-Day Operational Hassles

Easily add and manage partners online through a centralized partner administration and order management system. It features an intuitive, web-based Partner Portal, easy PRM integration and simple controls. It makes it easy to configure partner tiers, credit limits and margins for new v/s renewals, and speed new channel partners through the partner onboarding process.



Whether you're selling online through SoGlob or just using us for the affiliate-driven sales, we take care of the most important aspects of the affiliate program, such as tracking, and reporting. With SoGlob, you'll receive the benefit of automatic reconciliation, and we'll handle payment distribution to Globers, as well as the reporting of sales in the web interface and by email.

Enhanced Communication With Globers

Keep a Continuous Communication Flow With Your Partners.

SoGlob's Affiliate Newsletter Template Makes It Easy to Create and Send Regular Communications to Partners in Your Program.

Alternatively, you can always email individual partners directly from the platform. The program also includes the opportunity to take part in special promotional campaigns run periodically by SoGlob.

Information on upcoming campaigns are provided by your Affiliate Team well ahead of the publication date.

Real-Time Reports Monitor Affiliate Channel Results

Delve Deeply into Health of Your Affiliate Program with Across the Board Indicators.

See How Your Program is Performing at Every Moment

Detailed reports updated in realtime provide all of the key indicators needed to monitor the health of your program. Standard reports include everything from exposure and revenue to conversion and refunds. You can also create custom reports and schedule them to be delivered to your email, for ultimate oversight.

Professional Affiliate Program Management

Accelerate Affiliate Channel Sales with Our Expert Assistance.

Leverage Affiliate Best Practices and Outsource Daily Operations

Running a successful affiliate program requires a dedicated resource, and experience. SoGlob offers a range of managed affiliate services that can help. Let our expert Affiliate Managers take over the day-to-day operation of your program. They can help with everything from program setup and affiliate recruitment to partner support and revenue growth strategy.

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