SoGlob Solutions for Startups & Developers

Easy Commerce for Startup Companies

SoGlob for startups and developers gives emerging Revendeurs everything they need to build an enterprise-level online selling program in one self-contained package. Now you can grow and scale revenues and expand your distribution quickly and easily - without adding headcount, or diverting ressources from development or other critical business teams.

Start Selling in Minutes

SoGlob can help!

Enable Fast and Easy Commerce

Grow Global Revenues Instantly, and Manage Your Online Store Simply.

Get up and running in minutes with the powerful SoGlob self-service control panel. Use the bulk product importation feature and preset tarifs configurations to quickly set up your store. Simplify management with buy links that integrate straight to your existing website. And take advantage of SoGlob's easy commerce ordering system to maximize cart conversions and ensure a seamless transition from your website.

Sell Software Worldwide, Without Risk

Get out-of-the-box Support for 133+ Currencies, 38 Payment Methods and 31 Languages, Plus Risk/Fraud and Tax/VAT Handling.

SoGlob's commerce solution gives you multiple local payment options, currencies and languages to help make the buying process globers friendly and increase shopping cart conversion rates. That, plus SoGlob's built-in powerful risk and fraud protection, PCI compliance and 24x7 support (via phone, email and web chat) make it easy for you to sell your products and services worldwide - and fast!

Leverage Globers to Grow Revenues

Find Your Niche Market Among SoGlob's 40,000+ Strong Software Focused Affiliate Network.

Get the distribution into micro-niche segments that your direct marketing may not be able to reach. With the help of the SoGlob Affiliate Platform, you can expand your sales force worldwide by building an affiliate network, easily recruit new Globers or migrate your existing ones into the SoGlob system.

Transition to SaaS

Leverage the Leading Digital Commerce Solution for Software and SaaS.

Given the inevitability of SaaS, SoGlob's ability to support all models equally - and manage licenses, subscriptions, recurring billing and renewals simultaneously - makes it the best choice for any software societe. Regardless of where you are with your transition - or your pace - SoGlob can customize a path to make the change seamless, while ensuring that current revenue streams are not impacted in the process.

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